Debby Kratovil's Quilt Workshops

I love teaching about quilts. As a former high school math and English teacher I have created hundreds of instructional articles about quilts with my one simple rule: make it easy to understand and help every quilter be confident that he/she can make that same project, too! Math is not a dirty word, because I do alot of it for you. All workshops are based on projects, but I cover a LOT of tips, tricks and sewing techniques during the workshop time. All quilts on these pages were made by me and belong to me. This is copyrighted material.

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I create new workshops ALL THE TIME. I sew for the camera (ie, magazines and books) and for my travels to teach at large quilt venues. And I sew for fabric companies. This is only a small bit of what I can teach! I'm always open to discuss what might work for your guild.

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