Yearning For Spring

Paper Piecing Pattern and Mini Quilt

by Debby Kratovil

Living on the East Coast gives me four seasons of equal length. Just when I get used to (and sometimes sick of) a season, the next one begins to make its appearance. The two seasons I yearn most for are spring and fall. My house plants get a yearning, too. They get tired of the stale air inside. They "ask" me around February to place them on the window sill of my large picture windows. Then they can "look outside" for the first signs of spring. I often imagine that they communicate with each other in plant language: "Did you see that crocus?" Hey, I saw the first daffodil!" "Is that a yellow bud on that forsythia bush?" "When do you think she'll let us go outside and play?"

This little mini quilt is a tribute to their yearly wait, suspended between the seasons. Scraps were used throughout the making of this. My flowers are yo-yos made from a tie-died fabric which gave them their variegated appearance. The double leaves in each block are actually made from one larger leaf which has been gathered in the center and folded so each half lies perpendicular to the other and then stitched in place. This is quick, fun, and a way to make peace with your house plants!

Quilt Size: 17" x 17" (Click here to see full picture of quilt)
Block Size: 5-1/4" for the Macintosh and the PC

Fabric Requirements:

1/8 yard light blue for background
Scraps of bright fabric for yo-yo flower
Scraps of green for 4 leaves
Scraps of dark strips for sashings
1/4 yard plaid for outside border


1. Make four copies of foundation paper pattern (Mac) or (PC)
2. Cut fabric in pieces at least 1/4" larger all around than the shapes on the foundation pattern.
3. Each flower pot block begins with a 1-1/2" x 3" striped piece of fabric (Piece #1).
4. Pieces #2 and 3 are cut 1" x 1-1/2" and attached to both sides of Piece #1.
5. Next cut a 1" x 5" strip of medium brown (#4) and sew to the previously sewn unit.
6. Piece # 5 is cut from light blue (3-1/2" x 4") and sewn to the previously sewn unit.
7. Sew a strip of blue to each side of this unit. Pieces # 6 and 7 are cut 1" x 5".
8. Trace 2 1/2" circles from flower material, enough for 12 yo-yos. Make yo-yos by turning under raw edges 1/4" and, using a running stitch, gathering the circle. Secure with a knot run to the back of the finished yo-yo.
9.Leaves are bits of green ribbon folded and tacked in place behind the yo-yos.
7. Add yo-yo flowers to each block. Secure with applique.
8. Attic window sashings are cut 1-1/4" wide. Add light strip to left side and dark strip to bottom, mitering corner. Block now measures 5-3/4" unfinished.
9. Dark sashing between each block is optional.To separate all four blocks cut from 1 1/4" strips.
10. Now it's time to add your favorite plaid for an outside border. Cut these strips 3 1/4" wide and attach to all four sides of your quilt. Layer with batting and backing and quilt as desired.

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