by Debby Kratovil

Block Size = 6"
Quilt Size = 35" x 35"


The Kaleidoscope is a wonderful block to create so many different secondary patterns in your quilt. We have included not only the coloring for a quilt I made four years ago for one of our magazines, but we've given a printable coloring chart for you to create your own designs and an updated version of that quilt in our current issue of Miniature Quilt Ideas called "Hopkinton Star", made by Michele Wyman. We have included a paper piecing pattern for you to trace or print. It is 6" for Macintosh users and about 4-1/2" for PC users (which will make the finished size of your quilt smaller than noted above.)


1/2 yard yellow
1/2 yard purple
1/2 yard light green
1/2 yard dark green
1/3 yard red
40" square batting
40" square backing

1. Prewash and iron all fabric before cutting.
2. Print 25 copies of the Kaleidoscope Block in a size to finish to 6".
3. The Kaleidoscope Block is pieced in two sections, and then the two sections are joined with 1/4" seam. Press the seams as you sew.
4. Sew one of Block A's coloring; sew four of Block B; four of Block C; four of Block D; four of Block E; and sew eight of Block F. Click here for the coloring of these block variations.
5. Piece the twenty-five blocks together in rows of five each. Take care to place the blocks in the color orientation as shown in the Quilt Diagram. This is tricky but, color placement is obvious when the blocks are placed side by side.
6. Sew the five rows of five blocks together into the quilt top as shown.
9. From the light green cut four 2-1/2" strips. Attach to all four sides of the quilt. Trim to fit.
10. Layer quilt top, batting and backing and baste securely in place. Quilt as desired.
11. Trim away excess batting and backing. Cut binding in 2" wide bias strips. Sew together in long strip. Fold in half lengthwise and press fold line. Pin raw edges of binding even with raw edge of quilt and stitch in place. Turn folded edge to back and secure with blind hem stitch.

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