African Adinkra Quilt

69" x 69"
Block Size: 10"
Full size patterns for these 12 symbols, plus an additional 6 for a total of 18 symbols. Perfect for the classroom!


Each of the 12 Adinkra symbols in my quilt has a very special meaning in the Ghanaian culture. I've included the names and small thumbnails of each. I wish I had thought of this when my 3 daughters were in elementary school, because in the 3rd grade they studied Ghana in their history class! This would make a wonderful teaching tool for school aged children, especially those who study Africa in their world history/geography classes.

I have patterned this 69" x 69" quilt with the 12 full-size symbols, along with 6 additional symbols on a CD. It is well illustrated in color and each pattern is a full-size line drawing (computer drafted) which is easily printed. I also include a close-up picture of each block from the quilt.


Click here for a free sample block. This is a pdf file.

To order Debby's Adinkra Quilt CD, which will run on both PC and Macintosh computers,

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Debby Kratovil

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