Garden Bouquet Quilt - A Nancy Page Series

from the Detroit News newspaper - 1931

20 patterns, finished size of 12" x 12". Finished quilt measures 68" x 85".

I have not included the zig-zag border as the original directions were difficult to recreate accurately.

Nancy Page (Florence LaGanke) is very "chatty" in this quilt series and I have included every word that she wrote about each block. Each pattern is two pages long. There are several pictures of antique quilts. There is also a 5 Block rendition I made and directions for that.

The finished quilt uses a uniform color for the urns. Pictures of 3 antique quilts and sewing directions for the large 20 block quilt and my 5 block quilt are included. Two quilting stencils as they appeared in the series are also included. Full size templates for printing to transfer to template material.

Here is an antique Garden Bouquet Quilt owned by Judy Wright of British Columbia, Canada

Here is an antique Garden Bouquet quilt top owned by Sue Reich of Connecticut

Here is my own 5 Block Garden Bouquet Quilt


Nothing to install. All viewing is done from your web browser and patterns are printed as Acrobat pdf files. That means ACCURACY!

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