About Super Size 'Em Quilts - 22 Projects

Big blocks are not just a lazy, quick way finish a quilt in less time. Large blocks are full of spunk and catch-the-eye color. They can be elegant (Princess Feather), timeless traditional - with a twist - (LeMoyne Star), or just plain fun (Dancing With the Flowers). Big, bold prints cry out for big, bold blocks. Many traditional blocks can be super-sized to showcase fantastic fabrics that don’t want to be cut up into itsy-bitsy pieces. With inspiration from the projects in this book you can finally pull out your large scale prints (Glorious Blooms) and without fear, you can slice into them. Quick stripped and sliced Good Luck Quilt is fun, fast and easy. And the Facets of Color Quilt & Table Runner teach triangle techniques and paper piecing.

Sewing a quilt using large blocks means less pieces to put together, Snow Crystals is just one. Just a few blocks can mean a good sized quilt. Diamond Head is the same basic block as Snow Crystals - can you believe it? Add sashing that is proportional to the block size and finish up with a border that frames your quilt center as a though it were a masterpiece painting - a defining edge that doesn’t edge out the quilt center. You finish in less time and can begin another project sooner!

This book is no longer in print and I have no more copies! I will be making the patterns available through my Craftsy store soon.

Debby lives in Fairfax, Virginia with her husband Phil and dog Belle. She has 3 grown daughters and 3 awesome grandchildren!

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